Different infringements by different students

F-1 student: The primary reason for this visa is that you are going to attend school, and whatever the reason may be, if you stop attending school, the visa will be terminated, and the process of deportation will start.

  • Other infringements that will cause your visa to be terminated are:
  • Changing the school without any information or permission
  • Unable to complete full-time course within the stipulated time frame
  • Pursuing any job without legal authorization

: J-1 Exchange visa: Ways and means by which a J-1 visa holder can lose the status:

  • Unable to extend the DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor Status
  • Unable to transfer to another program within a stipulated time.
  • Pursuing any job without proper authorization
  • Failing to conclude transfer to another program in a timely manner.
  • Unable to maintain the status for more than 270 days during the program.

Any Work Visa
Any work visa is dependent on the employer, or someone who has sponsored you. Hence, the validity of the visa varies accordingly. For H-1B visa, the limit is 6 years, L-1 visa the limit jumps up to 7 years, but it comes down to 5 years for an R-1 or/and L-1B visa.

It is advised that you leave the United States as soon as the tenure of the visa is over. (The grace period included).

If it is so found that you have been overstaying for six to eight months you might be barred from entering the United States for three years minimum after you have eventually departed.