Your future plans- Determine your intent to return


Visa Officer wants to know your future plans and your approach towards your career and seriousness towards it. Most of the students in interview show strong ties to home country and family.

You can say,” After educating myself in the latest technologies, I plan to return back to my home country and contribute in my family business. I also try to start up something of my own in future.

Your answers should reflect clarity of thought, clarity of your intentions and strong ties to your home country.

You can also say,” I am sure the recent growth of the Indian economy will open many avenues for me to start my company. After acquainting with latest technologies in the US, I look forward to start my company here in India. This is a challenging course and will provide me with the latest developments in the telecom industry and therefore would open a lot of job opportunities. As India is now growing and every foreign company is investing here so after I do this course I will have been a part of this growth.

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