Darden Essay Analysis

Darden Essay 1:

Describe the most important professional feedback you have received and how you responded to it. (500 words maximum)

Darden Essay 1 Explanation

This question is a real test of your professional capabilities, with the admissions committee gaining an interest on your ability to reflect, learn, and grow. If unable to do this, the committee may walk away with the assumption that you do not fit a management role. Therefore, give the committee a “before and after” scenario where a suggestion you received inflected the change in you. Remember not to poison your essay by beginning with the feedback received. Rather, bring out a single narrative involving a momentum towards a single direction that fell apart from the input of another person who created a clear and much needed tactical change. Work with feedback as a response and not an advice if you are to pass the school’s question. So give your essay a thought, reflect, and bring out an incident with the element of response and change. Consider the situations highlighting your best performance at work or that teaches you something about the interests you may have with your future goals.

Remember that the committee would like to see your response to technical or interpersonal feedback and its impact on your behavior thereafter. What was your initial reaction in the feedback and how did it affect you professional performance? If the professional moment of the feedback is escaping you, consider a professional accomplishment. While reflecting on your excellence, you will find the feedback to be directly related to your peers or managers. The feedback should be an event that enhances your overall application. Since your career story is already in your resume, use something else to demonstrate this ability. The essay is an opportunity to give the committee a peak into how you think, the leadership approach you are taking, and how the result of another person’s input. Given that you only have a single essay for presenting yourself, ask a leader to assess your communication effectively to ensure that you speak from the viewpoint of a person deserving a spot at Darden.