Crafting your Essay


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crafting B-school Essay

Crafting a perfect essay can fetch you additional points.

You might come across questions, like-

Tell us more, only if, you have something negative to explain

The second question, which can be asked is-

Please tell us more, Fun fact, potential contribution, selling point.

And finally, they might ask-

Is there any further information, that you wish to provide the Admissions Committee?

If so, use this space to provide an explanation of any areas of concern, in your academic record, or your personal history.

How to craft a successful, and compelling optional essay?

    • Take responsibility for your actions

      Since, you are required to give explanations, for your weaknesses, or negative circumstances, the first thing you need to do is, take responsibility for your actions. Taking responsibility for your actions means, you are more mature, and you understand your mistakes. Some candidates, do not take responsibility for their actions, rather they are busy blaming others. You should never do that, as it will lead to an outright rejection.

      Let us understand this, with the help of an example

      “During my college days, I was involved in extracurricular activities. Being the president of the sports society, I volunteered, and took up initiatives. The activities took 20 hours per week. I got so busy in the extracurricular activities, and it started affecting my academic performance. Therefore, I passed out with a nominal GPA of 2”.

      Here, the candidate does not take responsibility, Rather, he takes the help of the extra-circulars for making excuses. The admission officers, will come across many candidates, who balance well, and perform brilliantly in academics, as well as extra circulars.

      So, making excuses for your extra-curricular involvement, will prove that, you cannot adapt well, to the multi-dimensional challenges of the business schools.

    • Write to the point.

      You should avoid writing unnecessary statements, and must respect the word count, because by submitting an optional essay, you are asking the admission officer to do extra work.

      Thus, it's your duty to respect the time of the admission officer. So, you need to answer briefly.

      The key, to write a successful optional essay, lies in conveying the all-important information, and yet sticking to the word count.

    • Demonstrate the Change.

      You need to take responsibility for your academic shortcomings, or the negative circumstances, and then provide evidence of your desire to change. Through your optional essays, the admission officers want to learn facts about you, such as-

      ‘How did you approach the situation? And what did you learn?’

      Most importantly, they want to know- How has the situation changed you as an individual?

      Therefore, if you don’t demonstrate notable changes, then things might work against you, and your optional essay will bear no relevance.

      Most candidates, might not require to write an optional essay, but if you have shortcomings, career gaps, low GPA, or charges in the past, and you have left all hopes of getting into a top business school, then an optional essay can open the doors of the top universities.

COLLMISSION Experts advise you that irrespective of your shortcomings, you must consider applying to top business schools, by giving valid explanations in your optional essays.

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