Components of Business School Application


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B-school application

Let us understand the all-important components of your Business School Application:

Scores are Important


Your GMAT and GRE scores really matter. A GPA greater than 3 is preferred.



A transcript is a record of a student’s entire academic performance, which means all subjects and courses studied, all positions and grades received and all degrees and certificates of merit conferred to a student from the first day of school till present date, which will be issued by his/her previous institution.

The  Resume


A resume is a one page document used by persons to showcase their skills and academic background. You need to present a resume, that should be short, simple, and to the point



The essays form the foundation of your application. The schools will ask you to write essays on various topics such as.


Now the question comes- why do they ask you to write essays?

The answer is simple- they want to know you through it.

The essay topics can be based on your community achievements, professional experience and your career goals.

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Global Citizenship

Travelling outside, either for professional reasons or personal reasons adds value to your global citizenship status.

Now, what must be the reason! Or Why do the admission officers prefer global citizenship?

Admission officers want to add diversity to their class. So, they want students to come from different parts of the world.

Mostly Indians and Chinese, with rich cultural diversity, score well in this field.

Now for the first timers, you must be thinking,  I have never travelled outside - what can I do?

In this case, you need to brainstorm.

 Let us consider an example, where a student in the United States, was unable to demonstrate his global citizenship, because he had never travelled outside, but later he realized that, he had taken up a course in Chinese literature, where he learnt about the Chinese culture. Hence, he was able to demonstrate global citizenship. This means that if you have taken up any program or course which helped you to connect with the culture of that country, you could very well prove your case for global citizenship.

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