Common Admission Myths


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myth and truth

A high score of above 750-780 is a sure shot way of getting into your desired premier US college.

Every year, applicants who have scored in the range of 700 to 750, or even higher, are rejected. 


Let us check the facts.

reality check

  • The first one is a common spread perception.
  • The second one is a hard hitting reality.

We are not the ones who are endorsing this. Let’s get it straight from the men who matter.


“I relish, nothing more than rejecting candidates, that have a 780 GMAT score”

                                      - Jonathan Fuller, Senior Associate Director, Ross Business School        

Here, he clearly states that, the GMAT score is not everything, as you need to be an all-round performer.

Other Common Myths

    • GMAT can be appeared only once in a life time.

      That’s grossly incorrect. You can appear the test up to 5 times per year, but there is no limit set in terms of how many years you can appear. However, you must note that colleges will receive a record of ALL of your attempts in the past 5 years. It does not matter usually as they take the highest score only.

    • If colleges come to know that I have taken GMAT multiple times, they might question my capabilities.

      Well, if you have taken the GMAT three to four times, and your score has improved notably, then it is perceived positively by the admission officers. So do not worry.

    • I cannot appear the GMAT test anywhere else apart from my own country.

      Yes, you can. If you are a citizen of country A and wish to appear the test in country B, then you must present a valid, unexpired passport of your own country. Also, you may contact the GMAT customer service in your region where you intend to take the test.

    • If I ask for financial aid, it shall hurt my chances. 

      It depends from college to college. At some colleges, if you ask for financial aid, it has no impact on the admission decision of the college admission authorities.  These are called need-blind schools.  At some other colleges, the need for financial aid can result in a positive or negative decision by the admission decision- making authority.

    • The Interviews don’t count for much in the admission process

      Some of the colleges have done away with on-campus interviews.  However, many of them require you to go for alumni interviews. If a college offers the opportunity for an interview, it is not an “optional” one for you.   It is a mandatory thing for you.

    • The Admission officers will never check my Facebook page.

      In this era where so many applicants apply to top premier B-Schools with excellent credentials, since the B-Schools cannot offer admissions to all of them, therefore they are looking for new ways to reject applicants. So be doubly sure regarding what you put on the Facebook. Do not have any inappropriate photos, or join any undesired groups which might lead the admission team to believe that you are not fit enough to be in their school’s league.

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