Columbia Business School Essay Analysis

 Columbia Business School Essay 1:

Through your resume and recommendations, we have a clear sense of your professional path to date. What are your career goals going forward, and how will the Columbia MBA help you achieve them? (Maximum 500 words)

Columbia Business School Essay 1 Explanation

This question is not simply asking for your career goals, but for in-depth response specific details. The committee is giving you the opportunity to elaborate on your aspirations and show why you value them. To give your writing weight, contextualize your goals rather than using naive and detached stand-alone declarative statements. If you view your personality as adventurous, you may,f or example, declare your interest to be president of the Detroit Pistons as an eye-catching statement of your essay. However, the essay will be ineffective if you fail to contextualize the MBA’s value in making this possible. Moreover, you may be missing an important aspect such as a significant sports experience, thus, slipping in some of your achievements will work towards strengthening how the MBA will help altogether. To explain where you fall short of the MBA and why you need to fill the gaps, the board requires knowledge of what you excel in, meaning you should relate this to your goals.

Overall, you have to contextualize your goals by revealing the link between your past and future, before revealing the goals. Go deep into the details, show your understanding of your field of interest, and keep off repetitions of the career path already detailed in your resume. Otherwise, it would be a waste of valuable virtual space and only portrays you as being redundant and with nothing new. Consider the aspects of Columbia MBA experience, which will prepare you for the future. Note consistently that the MBA is bridging your past and desired future. Show Columbia why the program is right for traversing the bridge you hope to accomplish. Answering this question requires knowledge of the Columbia program and your reasons for pursuing an MBA at this point. The essay will greatly contribute to showing your self-awareness to the board as you reveal key gaps in your skill set. Furthermore, specificity about your incompetences will reveal the gaps in your skill set, thus allowing you to tie them to the offerings of the MBA. 


Columbia Business School Essay 2:

Columbia Business School’s location enables us to bridge theory and practice in multiple ways: through Master Classes, internships, the New York Immersion Seminars, and, most importantly, through a combination of distinguished research faculty and accomplished practitioners. How will you take advantage of being “at the very center of business”? (Maximum 250 words)

Columbia Business School Essay 1 Explanation

Do not mistake this question as a simple inquiry of why you would like to join the New York Business School. The question is specific to New York location and the advantage it will give you as you pursue your MBA. Why do Columbia’s Master classes and additional resources offered in New York appeal to you? We strongly encourage applicants to visit Columbia Business School and get knowledge of its offerings. Many people desire to go to the New York location, but the rationalization will make the difference in choice. 

As you ponder on the approach you wish to take, ensure that your learning and career goals influence your answer. Keenly consider the industry you desire to venture in and the adjunct Columbia professors in the industry of interest at the institution. Accessibility to key companies in the industry in New York is among the interests that may push you to pursue your MBA in a diverse international city. You may consider stating how the alumni network in the city will offer opportunities in the metropolitan area. Although mixing personal and professional interests is alluring, lay more emphasis on the angles depending on answers presented in core questions.

Extending the discussion for making Columbia your preferred choice in the first essay, success is achieved by weaving personal background into the question as compared to generically endorsing New York City or the business school. You have the option of discussing your first visit to the city, or the preconceptions you have of the city that were a lesson to you. You may also opt to discuss the meaning of the center of business and its value to your goals. Given that the topic is broad, take your time to consider what you want to write about in this essay.


 Columbia Business School Essay 3:

CBS Matters, a key element of the School’s culture, allows the people in your Cluster to learn more about you on a personal level. What will your Clustermates be pleasantly surprised to learn about you? (Maximum 250 words)

Columbia Business School Essay 1 Explanation

Since the question does not ask for a link to CBS, do not strive to look for a scenario explaining how the aspect of your life adds value to the school cluster. Only include the CBS component if it is organic to the story, not as an obligation. Next, take your time to consider the knowledge the admissions committee has about you  and what aspects of your application they have already reviewed. The admissions committee knows your career path to the present date since the other essays have given them an idea of the goals you want to achieve and your reasons to choosing the institution. Even though the committee has already glimpsed into your personality, this essay is an opportunity for them to learn about your true character. Therefore, choose a surprise that is truly pleasant rather than one portrays you negatively. If you are able to revolutionize the committee’s understanding of you within the few words, do so. However, do not stress it if you are unable to do so.

Give the committee something interesting regarding what you would like to get your cluster to do. Is it setting up Karaoke night, planning a ski trip, visiting and volunteering at an elderly center, or visiting a city museum? Link this to a successful initiative in your past by pointing significant contributions you have previously made to social groups or causes. Simply put, do not worry if you have not been anywhere near the tip of the Alps or have initiated a $50 million venture capital. The committee does not require a spectacular achievement from you, rather the committee is interested in getting knowledge of an interesting subject in your life. From the bulk stories you may tell, none supersedes the other, except in how you express their manifestation. Still, a narrative is required to engage the committee in how you conduct yourself in a particular scenario.