Broad School ESSAY 1

What are your (immediate) post-MBA professional goals? How do you feel your current resume aligns with these goals? 
Limit your response to 500 words or two pages.

Broad school Essay 1 Explanation

First, stating a brief about your background, past work experience /job etc., the reason for doing a MBA.Contemplating then on post MBA, what are your short-term career goals? Second, explain on why is this your chosen path .Before you start writing your response, carefully consider both parts. Do not only state a goal. Provide enough context so that the audience understands your decision-making process. This is especially important for applicants with traditional business school backgrounds who intend to return to their current fields. In the Second part of the question, the panel wants to hear about the MBA degree need at this point in his career, the gaps better his present role & future position (in terms of knowledge,skills etc) which are fulfilled by a MBA.For Ex: The timing of my application coincides with both my developmental needs and the natural termination of my current position, is a good way to express the relationship between the two. The Specific takeaways like developing the managerial skills, leadership ability, and influential network necessary to achieve my goals.

Broad School ESSAY 2

Video Essay - please click on the link below to access the video essay and instructions on how to complete the Broad School Essay