Bringing Your Family Along

If you are planning to bring in your family or any spouse, apply for F-2 visas. The application procedure for F-2 is more or less same as F-1 visas. However, a separate visa form should be submitted, and all the accomplices should provide a proof of their relationship with you.

If you are married, you should produce a marriage certificate, and if you have children accompanying you, provide the consul with birth certificates mentioning the name of parents.

In many cases the spouses and children may want to work in the United States. In such cases, only an F-2 visa will not suffice. They will have to qualify other screening tests too, like the H-1B specialty occupation visa, and should also change the F-2 status to this other status.

For children who want to study in the United States, an F-2 visa will be enough, and there is no requirement to get an F-1 visa. However, F-2 spouses can only pursue vocational training or anything recreational, which only compliments their main purpose - that is to accompany you.