Best Resume Tips – How to Compose the Best Resume Formats for MBA Applications?

Best Resume Writing Tips
What is a Resume?
Best Resume Tips for MBA candidates

In order to get admission into the prestigious B-Schools such as Harvard, Kellogg, Stanford it is important for you to put forward your Best Resume. Your college student resume is important, as it contains the entire summary of your profile, and is a mandatory document that you need to present, before appearing for the interview.

Now, let us discuss details that are included in the best resume formats.

A proper college student resume has its own importance, as it plays a vital role in shaping the first impression of the interviewee. As per the statistics, an average interviewer spends a few seconds going through your college student resume. So, in order to distinguish your resume from thousands of other applicants, you should craft the best resume, which will have the right information, and it should not exceed one page. Also try to follow the best resume formats for experienced and freshers available.

What is a Resume?

A resume is a document, that provides a summary, of your attributes, skills, career accomplishments etc.

It gives a snapshot of who you are, and familiarizes the reader with your career highlights.

Most applicants want to know – What needs to be done while writing the best resume for MBA admissions?

Top Resume Tips – Here Are the Top 10 Points That You Must Remember and Follow While Writing Your College Student Resume

  • Ensure that it is a one-page resume.
  • The work experience section (full time) should cover approximately two thirds of the body of the resume.
  • You should connect your past experiences to your future goals.
  • The resume should contain the best accomplishments till date. Use brand names wherever applicable in your case. A strong brand name gives lot of weightage to your college student resume and admission chances.
  • Ensure that you show improvement in your professional career effectively.
  • The educational part has to be highlighted in a impressive but brief manner.
  • Your extra-curricular achievements should be very precise.
  • Use of related jargons can be done but in very less amount.
  • Ensure that you avoid typographical errors at all cost.
  • Use formatting as it can be really helpful for you.

As per the best resume formats docs, one common characteristic that all the best resumes have is that they should be short and simple. You are advised to give a summary of your career highlights. So, you must avoid including every bit of information in your college student resume.

Your focus should be on the key achievements, because the admission officers prefer a one pager. So, you need to respect their requirement.

Points to remember while writing the best resumes.

  • You must ensure that, the interviewer shows ample interest to read your entire college student resume, even if it represents 60 percent of the facts.
  • You should not upset the reader, by overloading your college student resume with information.
  • You must think from the admission officer’s point of view. A person, who has to go through hundreds of resumes, neither has the time, nor the patience to read through an overloaded student resume.

Consider 4 important aspects.

  • Drop the mission statement.
  • Keep it short, and manage your space.
  • Maintain a consistent format.
  • Use the bullets.

College Student Resume Tips – Things you must avoid in resume writing.

Student Resume Tips

  • Do not include your address.

The admission officers are not interested to know your address, as you have already mentioned your address during the submission of your application. Make best use of the word limit and the space provided, by filling out the relevant details as per experts of college student resume tips for students

Avoid listing basic computer skills.

You should not include the basic computer skills, like- knowledge of Microsoft office, windows operating system etc.

You are applying to a business school, and these are the basics, or, the admission officers expect every candidate to possess these elementary skills. However, if you have taken up specialized courses like C++, Java, etc., then it is worth mentioning.

Avoid Overcrowding.

You need to have ample white space, so that the reader doesn’t struggle to read your resume. Overloading your student resume, with too much information and compromising with the white space, will confuse the reader, and your college student resume might be ignored without being read. This may seem simple but is one of the most resume tips from the successful applicants.

Long Sentences.

The reader, will not go through the lengthy bullet points. In order to make it convenient for the reader, you need to split the bullet points. The best resumes follow this particular format.

Too many acronyms in a college student resume.

The reader, might not be acquainted, with all the acronyms. Too many acronyms will confuse and irritate the reader.

Do not add salary.

One of the most followed college student resume tips of modern times – It is important for you to understand that adding your salary might not be a very good idea. B-Schools are actually looking for those kind of people who have gone up the corporate ladder and have lead people.

How to manage the space in Best Resume Format?

manages space

Managing your space in the best resume formats can be challenging, because you are asked to submit a resume, that does not exceed one page. A resume that exceeds beyond one page, will eat up the readers’ time, and he or she will find hard to scan the resume and identify the key facts.

This does not mean; you will shrink your two-page resume to a single page. As mentioned before, this will lead to overcrowding of words, and will make the resume look very unprofessional.

Best Resume Tips for MBA candidates

a) Maintain a consistent format.

  • Your resume should be structured, and a consistent format should be maintained, right throughout the resume, as per most commonly accepted best resume formats.
  • You should use bold fonts, for headings and the subheadings.
  • The font size should be uniform.
  • Using bullets, helps the reader to navigate through the information, with ease. This is a must if you want your resume to be counted in the best resumes.

b) Constructing your Resume.

A resume must be structured, and should include the following resume tips in best resume formats such as,

  • Professional Experience.
  • Education.
  • Personal aspects.

You can also include, your other significant achievements like,

  • Community Work, or Leadership Experience,
  • Military Experience,
  • Entrepreneurial Experience,

We recommend you, to avoid multiple headings. So, you have to limit the number of headings.

Suppose, your resume has 7 headings, then you need to filter out the best, or the most relevant headings, and finally select them on the basis of your perception.

Some additional tips for MBA resume writing.

  • Learn to arrange the content in order to come up with the best resume first.

For example – Let us consider the below two lines for our understanding.

i.Trained a group of people for a considerable period of time.

ii.Trained a team of 30 people for 6 months for a xyz project.

From the above two it is clearly evident that the second option is more eye catching and effective in getting the admission officer’s eye.

  • Use the STAR method for explaining things, especially the key points.

As per special resume tips – STAR refers to Situation, Task, Action and Result. You need to understand that if you can showcase your accomplishments properly using the STAR method this will automatically highlight your professional background and career goals as well.

Single liners are the key in the best resumes.

Try to avoid multiple line explanations for each thing that you choose to describe. Using multiple lines will consume the all-important space and also reduce the reader’s interest in your resume.

Use verbs to describe actions.

As per the best resume formats, It is always advisable to use strong verbs to describe what you have done and achieved as far as your career till date is concerned. For example words like Achieved, Directed, Guided, Reduced expenditure etc are some of the words that affect your lines greatly.

Follow the same structure throughout the resume.

It is important that you try and maintain the same structure throughout the entire resume. This brings in more consistency and also it is easy for the admission officers to read your resume properly.

Translate things into dollars and percentages for easier understandability.

You must acknowledge the fact that the maximum number of the admission officers who would check your resume would be having lot of resumes to deal such a case your chances of getting shortlisted depend upon how much appealing your resume can be. It is advisable to convert monetary value into dollars for this along with percentages so that the admission officers can have a good idea about your achievements. This is one of the most followed resume tips for students across US.

For example – Reduced the manufacturing expenses by $ 50,000 by increasing the output per batch by 20 %.

Wise usage of the white space.

You need to understand that just by filling up the entire sheet, you will not be able to get through the admission procedure. It is advised that you try to optimally use the words s, so that they look neat and clean. In other words, avoid overcrowding of the resume as it can have a negative impact on the minds of the admission officers.

Use only that content which is relevant to the subject matter.

Whenever you are writing a particular sentence or mentioning any particular point, ensure that you ask yourself regarding its worthiness on your resume. Let’s say you are a very good calligraphy writer, yet this particular aspect of your life may not interest the admission officers. So it is advisable that you do not mention this thing as it will not be productive. Instead of this sue some achievement which will show case you as a serious candidate for the MBA program.

For more visibility – Use bullets and sub bullets properly.

Visibility is one of the key factors that decides upon the time the admission officer is going to give your Application resume. So ensure that you use the bullets and sub bullets properly so that your resume looks attractive and systematic in approach to be considered as a one of the best resumes.

The above points are very crucial while drafting the resume for MBA program in US.