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When you talk about MS, there is one destination to look for, the United States of America. The country boasts of having universities that offer the best masters degrees with the highest quality education. The uncompromising money spent for research makes it one of the prime destinations for candidates.

Most students, after passing the daunting application process, are stuck and have to make a complicated decision of choosing a specialization that suits them the best. To add to the confusion, the universities in the united states offer a wide variety of programs, and scholars are caught up with a lot of options, that further complicates the decision making process.

Remember, choosing an appropriate specialization is equally important, because no matter how great is the university, choosing a wrong specialization can lead to frustration, lack of interest, and poor academic performance. However, choosing a right can help you successfully cross all hurdles. And you will own one of the best masters degrees from the United States.

Note- Students who are not satisfied with a particular program are even compelled to leave the university.

Getting the Best Masters Degrees

Choosing a specialization and getting the best masters degrees programs will depend on the following factors-

  • Your level of interest in a particular program?
  • How good are you in the chosen program?
  • How comfortable are you with the curriculum?
  • Is the university good enough for the chosen program?
  • Does the program sync with your undergraduate studies?
  • What are the facilities for the program?
  • What are the career opportunities available for the chosen program?

To make things easy for students, we have conducted an in-depth research and shortlisted the top 10 programs for MS in US.

Computer Science

With the changing modern world, where the traditional typewriters are replaced my 4th generation computers, and computer education is being imparted at elementary levels.

Computer Science goes on with the changing trend. Hence, computer science remains one of the best program that students can choose as their specialization. A specialization in Computer Science from the best computer science schools can help you get the best masters degrees in the world

Unlike universities in other parts of the world that offer limited specialization, computer science in the United States allows you to further customize your program through different sub disciplines like- Computer programming, computer graphics, software testing etc.

Students can choose from a wide variety of available options and go for subjects like-Computer Architecture, Data mining, Human-Computer Interaction, Robotics, compilers, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering and much more.

Following are the top universities in USA for MS in Computer Science-

These institutions are considered as the best computer science schools of the world

Career Opportunities
Students with Computer Science as their specialization are welcomed by top MNCs and get one of the highest packages offered in the industry. Scholars after passing out from top universities, get into tech giants like, Google, Microsoft and enjoy respectable positions of Software developers, Database Administrators, Systems Engineers etc.

MS in Data Science

With the advent of computer and internet, Information is the backbone of modern day education. This makes data management one of the major requirements of the modern world.

Data Scientists are given top priority, and their work involves the management of large amount of data required by their respective clients. The large amount of data is required for various purposes like- market analysis, customer survey, economic analysis, etc. So, students who love numbers and have an analytical mind, should choose this program.

The best masters degrees are offered by the best institutions. Following are the top Universities in USA for MS in Data Science-

Career Opportunities
Students after passing their MS in Data Science become Data Scientists. Students turn into professionals after gaining a rich amount of analytical skills.

This makes them a hot requirement for sectors like IT, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Consumer Durables and hold respectable positions of Data Analyst, Quantitative Analyst etc.

MS in Pharmacy

Medicines have brought about a revolutionary change in the last 3 decades, and have contributed to better health and a higher life expectancy.

There is a continuous need for developing drugs to ensure a better quality of life. A student after pursuing MS in pharmacy is needed for multiple purposes, like providing valuable information on drugs and medical reports. A Pharmacist also plays a major role in monitoring patients and determining the side effects of specific drugs.

Pharmacy has multiple sub-domains such as Medicine, Pharmacology, and Pharmaceutical Chemistry etc.

Top universities in USA for MS in pharmacy-

  • The University of Illinois – Chicago
  • The University of Arizona
  • The Ohio State University

Career Prospects
A student after completing M.S in pharmacy go on to work with doctors, in hospitals. Students holding the best masters degrees from elite universities also write a thesis on clinical research.

MS in Information System Management

Information Technology has driven the world towards modernization and remains one of the top inventions of the twentieth century. Students after completing their bachelor’s from the best computer science schools strive hard to get an admission in the top universities of USA.

With a major population of the world relying on information Technology, MS in Information System Management is one of the top programs to choose from. Students holding the master’s degree after specializing in Information System Management are considered to have one of the best masters degrees in the world. Students pursuing MS in Information System Management learn about Information technology and communication, and helps students enhance their skills and learn new strategies.

Just like most programs in the United States, students pursuing MS in Information Technology get a wide range of options to choose from, like Information Technology Strategy, Business Information Management, Telecom Management etc.

A common question asked by students all around the world – How to get the best masters degrees?

Well, getting the best masters degrees depend on choosing the best programs from the best universities. Following are the top universities in USA for pursuing MS in Information System Management-

Career Opportunities-
Students after Pursuing MS in Information System Management, open themselves to a world of opportunities, and are a hot favorite for global companies.

They get a comparatively higher salary and hold positions like the Computer system analyst, Technology officer, Information System Manager etc.

MS in Energy Engineering

Energy is one of the most important resources, and its value is recognized world-wide. The need for efficient energy management is promoted. This has substantially led to the demand for Energy Engineering. The students pursuing MS in Energy Engineering learn about the different sources of energy and their usage. Energy engineering has a broader aspect, and students gain knowledge of chemistry, mathematics, environment, physics and economics, in order to understand the ways of utilizing energy efficiently.

The multidisciplinary program gives a wide range of options for students to choose from, like- nuclear engineering, power energy engineering, petroleum energy engineering, plant energy engineering, energy services etc.

Top universities in USA for MS in Energy Engineering

Career Opportunities
Students after completing their degree from the top universities in USA, get high paid jobs in various petroleum companies, or even in oil and gas industries. These companies hire in big numbers to close positions for Energy Engineers.

Other Programs

MS in Embedded Systems

The program is basically meant for students come from an electrical background. Students from the best computer science schools, with good grades in their under graduation can also choose this program. An embedded system is housed in a microprocessor and almost all appliances with a digital interface have an embedded system.

MS in Game Design and Development

With the demand for graphic intensive games and the emergence of play stations, game design and development has gained significance over the years. Students with strong knowledge on computers and profound interest in game development, infrastructure, cognition and immersion- should consider applying for this program.

MS in Very Large Scale Integration

Pursuing the program from the top universities in USA can surely help build a strong career.
Students will learn the ways of integrating hundreds and thousands of components in one silicon chip. If you are looking for one of the best masters degrees, then a MS degree with a specialization in Very Large Scale Integration is one of the most demanding programs of the world. Indian students with the background of Electronics and Communications Engineering or Electronics and Communications Engineering can opt for this program.


The programs mentioned above are the best available programs for a student planning to pursue MS in US. However, before choosing a program, you must determine your fit with the target program and conclude whether or not you are comfortable with the curriculum.