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PhD after MBA – Top PhD Programs in Business
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Students with a strong passion for research, want to get a degree from the best graduate schools in the U.S. An aspiring doctoral student, should strive hard and do an in-depth research, before jumping into a particular university. Some students even consider doing a PhD after MBA.

The rank of a university depends on the type PhD program offered by that particular university. A University, offering a degree in pharmacy (doctor of pharmacy) might be ranked in the top, but same university might not be good at offering a PhD degree in the department of computer science (PhD in Computer Science).
Hence, an effective way of determining the best universities, is by ranking them on the basis of specific programs offered by those universities.

PhD after MBA – Top PhD Programs in Business

phd after mba

Students looking to pursue a PhD after MBA should consider the following Universities-

University of Chicago

The university is world-class and boasts of a long standing history of producing the best researchers worldwide. The institution is recognized for its groundbreaking research initiatives, that play an influential role in producing leaders. These scholars go on and contribute immensely to the society. A PhD generally takes 5 years to complete.
An aspiring doctoral student, who is looking to pursue PhD after MBA, needs to prepare well. In order to get an admission in the University of Chicago, one must have a great desire to conduct research. The student must back his/her drive for research with brilliant academic credentials, and a high GRE score.
Doctoral Students get the freedom to choose their program from a wide variety of available options. The students also have the option of customizing their program according to their interest.

PhD at Harvard University

The university is ranked at the top, and is admired for its facilities for research. The presence of world class faculty makes it a dream institution for doctoral students worldwide. Harvard University is the best educational hub as far as doing a PhD in business studies is concerned.
It offers a wide range of specializations for doctoral students like – Management, Strategy, Technology & Operations Management, Business Economics, Doctorate in Finance, Managerial Economics.
Students with strong academic credentials who managed to crack the complex admission process are required to pay a tuition fee of $40,416/year. Undoubtedly, the cost is a bit on the higher side, but the career prospects are really good, especially for students who pursue a PhD after MBA, go on to make a revolution in the world of business.

University of Maryland, College Park

The university is considered as one of the best graduate schools for pursuing a PhD. The institution offers a wide range of programs to its students. Preferably for students who plan to do a PhD after MBA, can choose among the top business programs. The programs include specializations like – Marketing, Accounting and Information Assurance, Doctorate in Finance, Information Systems, Supply Chain Management and a lot more.
A doctoral student is always within reach of the top faculties in the world. These faculties act as tireless guides.
Scholars who are interested in gaining additional expertise can go for the global management strategy program.
The tuition fee for In- state students is &10, 836/year. The course fee is a little on the higher side for out-of-state university, and amounts to 23,364/year.

University of Pennsylvania

The university of Pennsylvania’s business school is famously called as the Wharton School of business, and the Wharton Doctoral program is recognized world over.
Doctoral Students are provided with ample funding, and are presented with the best infrastructure for carrying out research. To go with that, students also get access to a wide variety of programs, the top programs include- Statistics, Finance, Accounting, Information and Decisions, Doctorate in Finance, Ethics and Legal Studies and a lot more.
The University is known for its collective learning methods, unparalleled opportunities for research, networking and intellectual development.
The tuition fee charged for Wharton’s Doctoral Program is around $29,890 per year.
The above mentioned Universities are among the best graduate schools in the US, for pursuing a PhD. Getting an admission into these colleges can be tough. However, if a student has good grades, a perfect GRE score and a genuine personal statement, then he/she has a great chance of qualifying for the PhD program of the University of Pennsylvania.

Best PhD Programs in the Department of Computer Science

phd in computer scienceGetting a PhD in computer science from the best graduate schools really counts. Students willing to pursue a PhD in the department of computer science, must consider the following options-

Stanford University

  • As per the survey conducted by the national research council, Stanford is rated as one of the best institutions for pursuing PhD in computer science.
  • The average GRE Quantitative Score of the students pursuing PhD at Stanford University is – 800.
  • Around 86 percent of the students go for a job.
  • The doctoral student outcomes for the department of computer science, comes in the range from 44-96.

University of California – Berkley

  • The university is one of the best graduate schools for pursuing your PhD in Computer Science. Unparalleled facilities for research, highly skilled faculty and career changing exposure make it the dream institution for the international students.
  • The ranking of the institution ranges from 1-2, and the average GRE Quantitative Score of the students pursuing PhD at the university is 789.
  • Around 74 percent of the students get jobs.
  • The student outcomes range from 29-84.

Carnegie Mellon University

  • Another University from the United States finds its place among the Top Ranked Universities for PhD in Computer Science.
  • Its ranking varies from 3- 11 and the average GRE Quantitative Score is around 791.
  • As far as the department of computer science (PhD) is concerned, the job opportunities are pretty good, as around 79% of students get jobs.
  • The Student outcomes vary between 7 – 46.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Ranked as the best institution for undergrads, finds its place in the Top 10 institutions for pursuing PhD in Computer Science.
  • The average Quantitative GRE Score is around 772.
  • The rankings vary from 3-9.
  • The student outcomes range from 6-46.
  • Around 68 percent of students qualify for jobs after completing their PhD.

Student outcomes are determined by setting a specific standard of learning for a doctoral student. It is generally a benchmark set by the institution, and students are expected to live up to the expectations.
The student outcomes (for doctoral students) from the department of computer science measure the real standards. They determine the quality of results that students in a particular university achieve, or fail to achieve.

Doctor of Pharmacy – Students Looking for a PhD in Pharmacy & Pharmacology

The United States of America is known for its research, that has brought a revolution in the field of medicines. Students from all around the world dream for an opportunity of pursuing a PhD in U.S.
Earning the prestigious title of Doctor of Pharmacy from the best graduate schools, will require a lot of effort.
If you thrive on research, and are looking to be a part of the best Universities, that offer a PhD in Pharmacy, then you should consider the following options-
The following are among the best graduate schools for pursuing a PhD in Pharmacy-

Harvard University

Once again Harvard ranks among the best graduate schools as far as a PhD in Pharmacy and Pharmacology is concerned. Renowned for its contribution in life sciences, Harvard Medical School has gained an unbeatable lead in subjects like medicine, biological sciences and psychology.
The advanced facilities provide students with a perfect foundation for conducting research in the field of systems pharmacology and molecular pharmacology.

University of Michigan

Another exceptional university, that is known for its specialized programs, is specifically meant for a doctoral student.
The University also provides interdisciplinary courses like a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry.
A doctoral student gains access to the exceptional facilities for research. The research is supported by various centers, like- the Vahlteich Medicinal Chemistry Core, the center for Drug Discover, and the center for Molecular Drug Targeting.
This is just a brief overview about a few selected PhD programs. The United States of America is home to a world of opportunities, and there are ‘n’ number of programs for a doctoral student to choose from.
Indeed, getting a chance to pursue a PhD in the United States of America is a big deal. A doctoral student is guided by the world’s best faculties.
PhD from the US, is the best thing that can happen to a student’s career, before he/she moves on to get an identity of a doctor of pharmacy.
However, bear in mind, getting into the best graduate schools for pursuing a PhD, is not a walk in the park. In order to beat the competition and secure a place in the best universities of the world, you need to plan ahead and have a clear goal, along with a strong purpose.