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What can a prospective MBA student showcase?
What cannot be considered as academic accomplishments
Common Mistakes and Misunderstanding of Facts in Business School Applications

Best Business Schools’ most goggled question – As a potential MBA student , How do I ensure that my B School application for top MBA programs gets shortlisted?

Best Business schools MBA selection

You would love to see this stamp on your business school application.


Every year universities offering top MBA programs across the US get thousands of applications from all parts of the globe. Lots of prospective MBA students duly fill up Harvard Business School application forms, stanford MBA application forms etc with the intent to study in one of the best business schools worldwide.

Thousands of students applying for the best business schools face the dilemma of answering the same haunting question of how to get his/her B School application shortlisted.

It is easy to understand but difficult to execute.

In simple terms, before you project yourself as a right candidate, you must learn the ways, in which you can differentiate yourself.

You need to showcase your attributes. And those should be what the universities are looking for in their potential MBA students. Find out your strengths and unique features and project them properly.

Our Observation – Most academically brilliant scholars have failed to get through the world’s best business schools worldwide.

Reason – Read on to decode the top MBA programs.

What can a prospective MBA student showcase?

prospective MBA student

There are several things an aspirant should showcase in order to claim a seat at the top MBA programs. Some of them are as under

  • GPA

You can showcase, your GPA.A GPA, of above 3.5 is considered as excellent. A below average GPA will hurt your chances of getting selected for some of the best business schools.

  • Your class ranking.

A good ranking in the class ensures that you are a good performer and can be a worthy potential MBA student for top MBA programs. You can say, I was the university topper during my graduation, or I was ranked 7th, in the list of the top 10 scholars.

  • Caliber/ranking/potential/brand image of the university you are currently studying in.

If you are a student of one of the most prestigious schools or colleges in your country, then it will be a value addition for your claim and candidacy. It is accepted that students from such universities are more capable than the average ones.It will help you specially if you are filling up Harvard business school applications or gsb Chicago applications.

  • Academic Awards

academic award

If you have received awards for your academic excellence, then it’s worth mentioning. If suppose you have won any national or state level academic scholarships or you participated in some literary completion of repute, then you can show it to make your case strong for consideration.

  •  Special Circumstances

If, you have come across a few challenging circumstances, tough situations in life, and have managed to shine. In other words, if you have managed to cross all resistances, and completed your grades, Then, these situations can be considered by the admission authorities provided you mention them properly in B School application while applying to the best business schools

  • GMAT Score

When it comes to applying for the best business schools, a strong GMAT score will clearly differentiate you, from the average applicants. Harvard business school accepts a GMAT score between 510 to 790 in 2016.The better the score, your chances of getting that seat go up.

You can take multiple GMAT tests. If you take the GMAT a number of times, and your score notably improves with each attempt, then it is considered as a positive.


International MBA students, whose 1st language is not English, are required to take TOEFL (Test Of English as a Foreign Language). Your TOEFL score is another parameter, that will help you to differentiate yourself, from your competitors.

Collmission Tip – You can also consider taking supplementary courses to enhance your candidacy.

Why do the above things matter for an upcoming MBA student?

It matters, because a student from MIT, with a GPA of 3.4, will be preferred over a prospective MBA student, who comes from an ordinary university, having a GPA of 3.7. The notion is that since the first person is from a very renowned university, chances are that he is a very good candidate to successfully complete the top MBA programs.

Common Mistakes and Misunderstanding of Facts in Business school applications

common mistakes MBA application

Most candidates make the mistake, of considering irrelevant achievements as academic accomplishments.

What cannot be considered as academic accomplishments in B School applications for upcoming MBA students?

  • Computer Skills

You cannot consider, your computer skills as a part of your academic accomplishments. Similarly, the internal training received by you in a company, for which you worked previously, cannot be taken into consideration.

  • Extra-curricular Achievements

Suppose, you are a black belt, it can be considered as a great extracurricular achievement, made in sports. Similarly, your six sigma ratings, etc., cannot be considered as an academic accomplishment.

  • Professional Accomplishments

professional accomplishments

An MBA student resume in your B School application will highlight, all your professional accomplishments, like roles and responsibilities, initiatives, promotions etc.

The recommendation letters written by your reporting manager, or supervisor, will demonstrate relevant details about your professional life.

As a part of the B School applications, the colleges normally ask you to write essays, relating to your professional life. They may ask you Questions relating to your career goals, professional achievements, etc.  This gives you an opportunity, to showcase your professional accomplishments to the best business schools worldwide

important aspects

Before you write about your professional accomplishments, there are certain aspects which you need to consider, like-

Your jobs, the roles and responsibilities, promotions, and additional responsibilities taken.

How can you demonstrate your additional responsibilities in your business school applications?

Let us try and understand with the help of an example-

You can say something like –

While I was working for XYZ company, I was hired as a content writer. Previously, I had relevant experience in human resource recruitment. So, when my employer asked me to take up additional responsibilities, I gladly took up the work of recruiting employees for the company, during my leisure time.

Expert Advice: MBA is all about interpersonal skills, interaction, communication, etc., Hence, your people skills are more important, than your quantitative skills while applying to the best business schools in US and the world

Factors that determine your chances of Admission In Top MBA Programs

How to get admission into best business schools in US?

In order to gain admission into a top ranked college in the US, one has to mandatorily satisfy the criteria set by the colleges. A lot of them can be really complicated for a prospective MBA student and that is the reason we at COLLMISSION have taken the responsibility of making your life easier.

The Determining Factors

  • Cracking the Code – The GPA Angle.

GPA for MBA Student

A GPA, of around 3.5 is preferred by the best business schools in the US. In countries, like India, the GPA is calculated from the scale of 10, whereas in the United States, the GPA is calculated from the scale of 4.

You can contact us, to learn about the conversion of your GPA.

Now comes one of the most searched question on Google by MBA students?

My GPA is below 3. How do I make up for that if I am applying to best business schools in US?

Reposition Yourself

GAP score for MBA

We are sure that you have heard the saying ‘Old wine in a new bottle’. Or in MBA terminology, it is known as Re-branding or Repositioning of a product.

reposition yourself

You can reposition yourself, as someone who has become more mature and wise now that what he/she was during his/her graduation years. You can also project yourself as someone who has transformed himself/herself into a dedicated and motivated individual.This will definitely help you in getting into one of the top MBA programs in best business schools.

How to project in B school applications that I am a better individual than what my GPA suggests?
Projecting yourself as better candidate

Before we answer this let us take into account the following diagram and the message it is trying to convey.

MBA strategy diagram

This diagram shows how living beings evolved and survived over the years on the planet. The point is pretty simple – If you have to survive amongst the crowd of MBA students in top MBA programs, you have to be smart enough to show how you are better and unique in your own way.

That’s what the COLLMISSION MANTRA is for you to be successful. Show the admissions team that – You are the smartest – You will survive.

Two Important Things

Here is where two important things in your application process come to your rescue.

  • Essays
  • MBA student testimonial ie Recommendation Letter

You can take the help of your essays and the recommendation letter, to highlight your level of matureness, motivation and dedication towards a particular cause in your personal life and society. These are valuable add ons which make a huge difference to your chances, so it is advisable that you should miss out on these opportunities especially when you have a weak GPA.

The Other Dimension – GMAT

gmat for MBA

If you have week GPA, there is no need for you to lose heart. Because if one door is closed, a window would still open for you.

You must make it a point to score highly in GMAT. A strong GMAT score, can also make up for a weak GPA. Your GMAT score will surely demonstrate your intellectual horsepower required for top MBA programs.



It should be noted that no particular set of scores, will guarantee an admission in the top business school, because there are various other factors, depending on which your candidacy is evaluated.

Points to ponder over

important points MBA

It has happened quite a few times that a candidate with a GMAT score of 720, has got rejected, whereas another candidate with an average GMAT score, who has written exceptional essays, and submitted an impactful letter of recommendation, has got accepted by top MBA programs.

So next time if your friend next door seems to boast of his/her chances by having scored a better GMAT score than you, don’t lose heart because you can return the favor by writing the essay impressively followed by an excellent letter of recommendation. We believe that you can still have the last laugh.

The question of the hour –

What is the highest possible GMAT Score in order to join a top MBA program in one of the best business schools in the world?

MBA gmat score graph

The highest possible GMAT score is 800.

You might wonder “That is out of reach for me “

Don’t worry folks because, even if you have a score in the mid 600’s, but you have done well in the other aspects, then you stand a great chance of getting into the best business schools in the world

Professional Experience

professional experience for admission

It is obvious that the admission committee will thoroughly examine your professional experience, because through your experiences, they will get an idea, about the magnitude of your work and responsibilities taken by you through your MBA student resume. The admission officers look for a candidate, who has taken up responsibilities in the past, and is matured enough to take up the challenging course of MBA. However, if you do not have professional experience of that high level or years, still there is an outside chance that your name may come up for discussion in admission approval circle of that college, if you have a very strong application and it should be backed by an exceptional essay and a MBA student testimonial in the form of a recommendation letter with a strong achievement section in your application process.

Community Profile.

community experience for admission

Apart from the GMAT, GPA scores, the admission committees look for good scholars, who have strong personal qualities. So, your community profile is mandatory. Through your community profile, you can cite examples from your past, where you have helped people, taken up initiatives, or leadership outside work. If you have worked for non-profits, then it is a positive.

However, if you have a busy schedule, your community profile can be still managed.

But, how?

Let us understand, with the help of an example.

Suppose, you are not a member of an NGO, but you have helped your neighbor, or a member of your society, then you can highlight it in your community profile.

You can say, one of my neighbors was facing trouble with her financial planning, and she felt that she was cheated by the banks. Being a finance student, I had some knowledge and I helped her out.  She thanked me for my efforts. This gave me immense satisfaction.

Personal Profile – Defining what you are

personal profile for MBA

The Admission officers of top MBA programs always want to assemble, a diverse class, with students from varied culture or background. International MBA students are perceived to have a strong personal profile.

Your personal hobbies, community activities or your professional life, can also demonstrate your personal profile in your B school application.

For Example, a would be MBA student while showcasing her personal profile, said- my grandfather wrote a book in German language.

After I completed my school, I learnt the German language to read the book written by him.

Though, this may not sound that significant, but it can definitely help in attracting the attention of the admission officers.

Demand meets supply –  Institution’s search for Mr./Ms. Right should end with you.

right student for MBA

As mentioned earlier, along with your strong GPA, GMAT, essays, and letters of recommendation, you need to prove the admission officers, that you are a proper fit with your target top MBA program. You need to do sufficient research on your target school, and find out an appropriate answer to the question, that is- why have you chosen their school over other schools?


While answering the above question, you should avoid ambiguous answers like-

  • To get a better pay package.
  • Because your school is ranked number 5 by the ranking agencies.
  • Because my relative studies here.
  • Have more MBA students from my country etc.

So what can you say?

Collmission suggests that you must give valid reasons, like,

‘I love the research facilities provided by the school, and I want to grow in the field of research and development.’

 Points to be noted

The admission authorities do not want a candidate, who will struggle with top MBA programs.

So, you need to convince them, that you will not face any trouble with the curriculum, and will successfully prove that your talent and potential are in synchronization with the institution’s program’s pre requisites. Ultimately, every institution wants that their MBA students to successfully complete the top MBA programs and be a good aMBAssador of the institute in the future.