Understanding the B-School Application of an MBA Candidate
The Process of Evaluating the B-school Application Forms
Who Makes the Final Decision?
Points to Remember

A B-School application has various important components which are very unique in nature. Let us understand the all-important components so that you can get a good idea regarding what to expect as far as the b-school application are concerned.


Scores are Important

An MBA candidate should understand that the GMAT and GRE scores really matter. A GPA greater than 3 is preferred for college admission process in US.


A transcript is a record of a student’s entire academic performance, which means all subjects and courses studied, all positions and grades received and all degrees and certificates of merit conferred to a MBA candidate from the first day of school till present date, which will be issued by his/her previous institution.

The  Resume

A resume is a one-page document used by persons to showcase an MBA candidate’s skills and academic background. While applying for college admissions, you need to present a resume, that should be short, simple, and to the point. This a very important part of the B-school application form

MBA Essay topics

The MBA essays form the foundation of your b-school application. The schools will ask the MBA candidate to write essays on various topics such as. Now the question comes- why do they ask you to write MBA essays?
The answer is simple- they want to know you through your MBA essays.
The MBA essay topics can be based on your community achievements, professional experience and your career goals.

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Global Citizenship

Global citizenship can be a tricky thing in the process of college admission process. Mostly MBA candidates specially Indians and Chinese, with rich cultural diversity, score well in this field.
Travelling outside, either for professional reasons or personal reasons adds value to your global citizenship status.
Now, what must be the reason! Or Why do the admission officers prefer global citizenship?
Admission officers want to add diversity to their class. So, they want students to come from different parts of the world.
Now for the first timers, you must be thinking, what can be done- I have never travelled outside?
In this case, you need to brainstorm.

Let us consider an example –

An MBA candidate in the United States, was unable to demonstrate his global citizenship, because he had never travelled outside, but later he realized that, he had taken up a course in Chinese literature, where he learnt about the Chinese culture. Hence, he was able to demonstrate global citizenship during the college admission process. This means that if you have taken up any program or course which helped you to connect with the culture of that country, you could very well prove your case for global citizenship.

How is my B-School Application checked/screened by the Admission Authorities?

Let us explore about your B-School application of the MBA Admissions. We have covered the important facts about your application, on which your admission depends.

Understanding the B-School Application of an MBA candidate

B-School Application

What makes a good MBA candidate?

Before filling up the application, it is important to understand the contents of the college admission application as it is very crucial.
The general thought that every MBA candidate thinks is that he/she is expected to write the MBA essay topics, personal statements, submit the letter of recommendation.
The last thought is given to filling up of the application form, because they think who will read my application?
Let us assure you that the selection process starts right with your application form. So one should not underestimate the importance of the B-School Application because, if it gets rejected, it is curtains down for you.

However, in order to write effectively, it is very important to understand the reader/evaluator, who will be evaluating your profile.
Normally the following types of experts, will be reading and evaluating your application.

Admission staffs


They are eminent people, who do interviews with ‘Business Week’ or ‘The Economist. They have experience of evaluating thousands of MBA candidate b-school applications.


They can be former admission staffs, or current students, and their goal is to help the business schools scrutinizing the applications to get the best of the candidates, during the peak of the admission season.


They are the most trusted people of the institution and their opinion counts heavily . Therefore, they remain under pressure, as they have to go through thousands of B-School applications. Hence, the applicants are randomly selected. Therefore, it is important to write appropriate content respecting the word limit specially in the MBA essay writings .This hold true specially for applications like Stanford business school applications or Columbia business school applications.

The process of Evaluating the B-School Application Forms

The process of evaluation of the application forms is done in fours in four stages in most of the B-Schools. To make it more clear, lets us go through the step by step process.

Evaluating the B-School Application

Step 1 – First Read of all application components.

It is mostly conducted, by the senior students, or the contract-readers. However, the admission officers might also conduct the first screening.

Step 2 – Second Read of all b-school application components

After selection of some of the applications then in order to be doubly sure during the second read, the selected applications are re- read, to draw a better picture of you.

Step 3 Get ready for College Interview

During your interview, your interviewer will judge the overall aspect, by asking you a variety of questions. The interview is generally a conversation between the admission authorities, and the candidate. It validates the authenticity of a candidate. So, we recommend you to be as honest as possible if you have particularly filled up Columbia business school application or Columbia business school application.

Step 4 Final Read of all application components of an MBA candidate

After your interview, a final read is conducted by the full-time admission staffs, to determine the final result taking into account all the aspects of your application, letter of recommendation, essay, your performance at the interview etc. Then they will decide, whether you are admitted, rejected or put on hold. We recommend not to lose hope and have patience, in case you are on the waiting list.

Who Makes the Final Decision?

Admission Commitee

Every MBA candidate has these three questions in his /her mind?

  • Who is the one that matters in the end?
  • Who makes the final call on admissions?
  • Who finalizes the selection or rejection of a candidate?

Collmission Answer – The answer to these three questions are same – It is the admission staffs, who are the primary readers, make the all-important decisions.

Another Important Query

What do they keep in mind, or on what parameters they select the MBA candidates?

B-school parameters To understand this, you need to understand a simple yet important line

The admission decisions are directly related to the goal of the admission authorities”.

So what does it mean actually?

 The admission committees want specific kind of applicants to fill their classes. Depending upon the program, institution, number of applicants etc certain criteria are set so that they get a cosmopolitan batch with varied backgrounds yet similar in some sense.

Points to Remember

essay writing tips and tricks

There are certain things that you need to do in order to improve your chances of going   through the b-school application process.
Remember– As an MBA candidate you are selling yourself, as you have to prove the admission authorities that you are better than the pool of other applicants. Your MBA essay topics can help you in this regard. So, you need to learn the ways through which you can market yourself.

What makes a B-School applicant unique/different from other applicants?

B-School applicantsTime and again students applying for top B-Schools have the same question in mind –

  • How do I get ahead of this competition?
  • How can I prove myself to be better than other candidates?
  • Who are the decision makers?
  • What do they evaluate while considering an applicant’s profile?

We have tried to get you insights on the MBA admissions process which covers the core aspects of your profile, that the admission committee will be evaluating.
It is the admission committee or the admission officers who matter, and it is their decision that counts. So we need to understand that what are the criteria that they are going to consider before offering you a chance to be a part of their institution. So, let us discuss about the core aspects of your profile, that the admission committee will be evaluating.

A.Scores do matter

If we talk about the numbers, your GMAT score, GRE score, and the GPA, matter the most. A strong GMAT score is preferred. However, your GRE score is also important, as it is an alternative to the GMAT. If you have not taken the GMAT, then majority of the schools will consider your GRE score.
In most cases, a GPA of above 3 is considered good by the top business schools.

B. Professional Experience

Work Experience

Even if you don’t have the highest scores in GMAT or GRE still you have a fair chance of making it to the top B-Schools. Through your professional experience, the admission officers take into account the responsibilities you have taken. In order to describe your professional experience, you need to shed some light on the soft skills too.  Let me describe the soft skills which you need to mention, with an example.

Let me explain it, with the help of a real life situation.

We had an employee, who was struggling with work and was often criticized.
So, what I did was, after the work was over, I gave him time. I used to sit down with him and taught him the basics of soft skills. After three months or so, to everyone’s surprise, he started working efficiently and contributed to the company.
He came back, appreciated my efforts, and thanked me, that felt pretty good.

Explaining your professional experiences, with the help of real life examples, will surely help you to impress upon the admission authorities.

C. Community Profile

community profile

Off lately a lot of B-Schools have started giving importance to Emotional Quotient along with Intelligence quotient. In your B-School application, your community profile truly matters, as the schools don’t need a geek, or a candidate with GPA of 3.5 or above. What they need is a good scholar, who is a good person. Through your community profile, you can demonstrate- what you have done for the community, or how you have helped people. For example, you can mention that you have donated blood to the needy, have been part of rescue and relief teams during disasters, have been part of awareness programs, taught street kids free of cost, have given donations at an orphanage or supported a noble cause which might show that you have it in you what it takes to be a good citizen of the world.

D.Personal Profile

personal profile in MBA application

Your personal profile is also important, as the admission officers want to know you as a person. Your unique personal attributes will help them add diversity to their class. As an aspirant you should be considering things like for an example, your hobbies should be unique, you should have a taste for different things in life, your approach towards a particular situation, your oral and written communication abilities. In short, things which make you stand out from the crowd and yet you can be a crowd puller in times of need.

The Golden Question – Why do you want to join us?

Why Join Us
If you are applying to a particular school, then the admission authorities will want to know the reason behind it.
They will ask you through your b-school application,

  • Why have you applied to our B- School?
  • Why should we consider your application?
  • Why have you not applied for other B-schools?

It is not that the seats are vacant or you got a good score, and you expect them to get you in. You need to do enough research on the school you are applying to. The admission officers want to see, how keen and committed is the candidate and whether the candidate will complete the degree
The idea behind this is that they want to ensure that after three months, you are not upset, or you don’t feel like, “I have had enough and I want to leave the program”. That is also the reason why a lot of weightage is given to the MBA essay writings.

So, your level of comfort with the program is very important. You need to prove the admission officers, that you are the one who will adapt to the competitive environment, complete the course, and represent the school after you pass out.

The bottom line is that If you follow the above guidelines properly and effectively in detail, then you can be sure that you have answered the question of ‘what makes a good MBA candidate’?

A great application with all the right ingredients in perfect amount shall make your application click.Work in detail and stay focused on the questions asked in the application forms.