B-School Admission Interview


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Student persoanl interview

An interview is another key aspect of the MBA admission process. It is challenging, and you need to prepare well. There are different reasons for which the interview is conducted and there are different types of interviews as well.

Importance of an Interview.

  • Why is the interview so important?
  • Why should I take my interview seriously?

Many applicants, spend hours for writing essays, yet fail to prepare adequately for their interviews.

Hence, they get rejected at the last moment. So, after you have done all the hard work, it will be heart-breaking, to get rejected at the last moment. Therefore, it is very important to prepare well for the interview.

The obvious question - Why do Schools Interview?

There are several reasons why schools do the interview. In a nutshell it is about getting to understand you better to assess whether you are a perfect fit in for their programs or not. To make things more clear we have put some important points together for you.

    • The admission officers, want to test your communication skills.

      The essays can be proof- read, or edited. There are various software’s available, that check the grammar, but the true test of knowledge and your proficiency in English communication, is checked during the interview.

      An interview tests your overall personality. The admission officers, use the interview as a medium, to check specific personality traits, like- your body- language, eye contact, communication, sitting posture, and your overall confidence.

    • Information exchange.

      The interview is a process by which two individuals interact and exchange relevant information.

      The admission officers, take the help of an interview, to extract additional information about a candidate. They may get an idea about a candidate, through his or her essays, but the exchange of information, will validate the authenticity of a candidate.

    • Marketing tool

      The interview process can also serve as a marketing tool, through which the admission officers, can indirectly market themselves. During the interview, the admission officers often talk about the unique specialties of their school, like- research and development, teaching methods, recognitions, benchmarks etc.

The Interview Process

It is very important to be acquainted with the interview process as it helps us in preparing better. Let us understand the process involved in the business school interviews.

Fill up the application forms

college application

It is important for you to fill up the application forms properly as any error may lead to your disqualification or may result in not getting that important call letter for interview. If required take the help from an expert from Collmission.

Send the Application Forms to School

Do not forget to promptly send the application forms to the schools and make sure that it is done with in the deadlines as well.

Possible Outcomes

After you send the forms to the schools of your choice, there are three possible outcomes which may happen as under.

      • You may get shortlisted for the interview.
      • Your name may be put on the waiting list.
      • Your application may have got rejected.

Let us discuss the above situations one by one.

You may get shortlisted for the interview.

In this case you shall receive a call letter from the school that has selected your application. Start preparing for the interview even more seriously for the D-Day and appear the interview on the date mentioned in the letter. If you want to reschedule it for some reason, call the admission officer and explain your position regarding why you are not able to appear on the given date. Ultimately decision is theirs, so our advice is that you should not to miss the flight.

Your name may be put on the waiting list.

If you do not get your interview call letter, contact the admissions department of that particular school and enquire whether your application has been put on hold i.e. waiting list in case you have not received any intimation from their side regarding the status of your application.

Remember that all is not lost and you may still receive a call from them, so don’t be disheartened.

Your application may have got rejected.

In this case all that you need to remember is that failure is the first step to success. Try, Try and Try again until you succeed. In such cases you need to go back to the drawing board, consult experts on the field and figure out where did you went wrong, iron out the flaws and start all over again. After that, fill up the application form once again and give it your best shot, COLLMISSION wishes you all the very best and we are with you should you need us.

Now if you have got shortlisted then what?

On the scheduled day, you need to be present at the venue of the interview before time and appear the interview confidently.

Remember - An interview is a conversation between two people who want to know about each other keeping their respective agenda in their minds. An interview is a chance for you to meet with someone who represents the institution. It's a way to show your interest in the institution, to start a professional relationship with persons involved there and to show what you're all about.

So there is hardly anything to worry about unless you have not put some effort for the same. Take some mock interviews, practice with your friends and relatives and you should be doing great on the day of the interview.

After the interview is over send a thank you note to the interviewer and the admissions team without fail in less than 48 hours.

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