Availing Assistance for your VISA

one of the major players that provide assistance to the student visa holders and aspiring scholars are the DSO or the designated school officers, the international student admissions officer, the immigration attorneys and the exchange program visa sponsors. The aspiring visa holder should be aware of the role and the importance of all these authorities since authentic advice is an absolute must.

Do not just be dependent on the Internet, since while on one hand many queries are answered by the Internet, often many conflicting theories and suggestions will leave you all confused and grappling for reliable information. Being an international student, one should ideally be in close contact with the entitled school advisor.

Also, we suggest that as an international student, you can seek help from an immigration attorney so that there you are always on the safe side with respect to legal issues. An immigration authority will make sure that your immigration goals are on the right track. In many different ways an immigrant attorney functions as your attorney by identifying the various immigration options, keeping a tab on the pitfalls, and helping you achieve what you have set out for - to facilitate your studies in the United States. Advices will range from eligibility issues to case preparation and filing, from representation and strategic planning.

Research should be an extensive one with respect to an immigration attorney, and since you will be a client in the future, it is imperative that you find the one who fits your bill perfectly. Since immigration attorneys are present everywhere in the world, one will have to make a decision as to what will be suited best, an attorney in the United States or an attorney from the country of residence. It is also worth taking into account the fact that if the students wish to stay on in the United States for a longer period of time, a US based attorney will be better suited, since they are better acquainted with the immigration laws of the country, it will also be very cost effective in the longer run.

The immigration attorney should be a member of considerable repute of the bar of the highest court of any US state, territory or commonwealth or the District of Columbia. Also, one should make sure that the attorney general should have a valid license to practice law and does not have any pending legal cases, or any other disciplinary actions against him. Review the Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) for the list of current practitioners who are disciplined. EOIR is the agency that resolves all the immigration cases. This agency will help you hire a legitimate lawyer, which will prevent any hassle in your stay in the United States.

The immigration law is by no means an easy process, and according to the requirements the immigration attorney has specialized in distinct sectors which include employment-based, business-based, asylum-based or/and family-based immigration.

Another medium, through which information can be obtained, although it may not be as tight or correct, is through social media. Social Media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter can help students get information on any attorney based on their profiles or pedigree. One can even get a very good idea about the credentials and experience of the lawyers.  

Now coming to the issue of fees. Different lawyers charge different fees based on factors which include the complexity of the case, his/her years of experience and the stipulated time that might be taken to complete the case. To get optimum cost, it is best advised to contact the attorney lawyer himself.