Arizona State University (Fulton) Tempe, Arizona


Address:-Box 879309 Tempe, AZ 85287-9309Arizona State University

Arizona State University is a public flagship metropolitan research university which is located in Phoenix, Arizona, Metropolitan Area. The University is recognized as a Research university with very high research and development activity. The College of Engineering spends almost $400 million annually on various research and development work, which provides huge opportunity for students to learn practically keeping the solution for real world challenging problems in mind.

The Average GRE (Old) Scores for the Verbal and Quantitative tests are 522 and 762 respectively. The Average GRE (New) Score for the Verbal and Quantitative tests are 150 and 162 respectively. The Average GRE Analytical Writing Score is 3.41. The Acceptance Rate for the Arizona State university is 44.20%, which means one out of two applicants have a chance of getting admission here. The Application Fee for Instate students is $70 and for Out of State students is $90. The Tuition Fee for In-state Students is $10,610 and for Out of State students is $27,086.

School: Arizona State University (Fulton) Tempe, AZ

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Acceptance Rate: 44.20%

Average GPA: NA

Average GRE (Old):

                Verbal – 515

                Quantitative –744

Average GRE (New):

                Verbal – 150

                Quantitative –162

                Analytical Writing – 3.41

Application Fee:

                US Resident – $70

                International – $90


                In-State – $10,610

                Out of State - $27,086

Arizona State University (Fulton) Tempe, AZ        PHD           MS
    Round 1 Round 2 Round 1 Round 2
  Aerospace Engineering  01-Feb 01-Sep 01-Feb 01-Sep
  Chemical Engineering 01-Feb 01-Sep 01-Feb 01-Sep
  Civil Engineering 01-Jan 01-Jul 01-Mar 01-Oct
  Computer Engineering 31-Dec 01-Aug 31-Dec 01-Aug
  Electrical Engineering 31-Jul 31-Dec 31-Jul 31-Dec
  Environmental Engineering 01-Jan 01-Jul 01-Jan 01-Jul
  Computer Science 01-Aug 31-Dec 01-Aug 01-Dec
  Materials Engineering 01-Feb 01-Sep 01-Feb 01-Sep
  Mechanical Engineering 01-Feb 01-Sep 01-Feb 01-Sep