Applying for the J-1 visa

In order to aid the exchange visitor program, the United States Department of State sponsors programs. The United States government is better equipped to offer opportunity for visitor exchange as compared to the Department of State.

The J sponsors program when initiated by the government:

  • They are accountable to the United States government
  • Proper screening of both the exchange visitor and the host site (college)
  • Also, they can intervene whenever things go awry

While choosing a sponsor, make sure that you have done proper research into the activities and track record of the sponsor. A good sponsor will make your stay in the United States more pleasant and fruitful. Take a look at the all the official sponsors designated by the United States Department of State, and then decide according to your requirements. Bear in mind that the US Department of State does not provide any endorsement for any sponsor or any program.

Few queries that must be made while deciding a sponsor:

What or who was the J sponsor when the United States played hosts previously, if yes, is the sponsor well equipped to offer the correct program should be looked into. Another point to be made note of is the geographical area, and the reach and influence of the sponsor in any particular area. Take the help of the Internet and do a background check of the sponsor and about the policies and frameworks of the sponsors, and if there are any hidden rules somewhere that could impede you in the future.

And then finally how competent are the sponsors. Are they acting as mere agents who will just help you get Form DS-2019, or will they actually help you if things become tricky anytime during your stay. Also, make sure that issues like spouse accompanying you, are also acknowledged. The issue of J-1 and J-2 visas.

What about availing internships in the form of placements. So are the sponsors providing service in that regard too. What about the costs, and what are the different pre-requisites involved - costs like travelling, boarding, lodging, telephone and the Internet costs.

Perhaps all the above answers will be answered, once you try to find what, why the sponsors in this field are so interested in you, i.e., what is their fundamental goal; are they in it just for profit, or they are interested in helping you with your progress in the United States.