About Your Application Process

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mba application

Let us explore about your application of the MBA Admissions. We have covered the important facts about your MBA application, on which your admission depends.

Understand your MBA Application

Before filling up the application, it is important to understand the contents of the application as it is very crucial.

The general thought that every aspirant thinks is that he/she is expected to write the essays, personal statements, submit the letter of recommendation.

The last thought is given to filling up of the application form, because they think who will read my MBA application?

Let us assure you that the selection process starts right with your application form. So one should not underestimate the importance of the MBA Application form. If it gets rejected, it is curtains down for you.

However, in order to write effectively, it is very important to understand the reader/evaluator, who will be evaluating your profile.

Normally the following types of experts, will be reading and evaluating your MBA application.


They are eminent people, who do interviews with ‘Business Week’ or ‘The Economist.’


They can be former admission staffs, or current students, and their goal is to help the business schools scrutinizing the applications to get the best of the candidates, during the peak of the admission season.


They are the most trusted people of the institution and their opinion counts heavily . Therefore they remain under pressure, as they have to go through thousands of applications. Hence, the applicants are randomly selected. Therefore, it is important to write appropriate content respecting the word limit.

Lets us go through the step by step process.

 It is mostly conducted, by the senior students, or the contract-readers. However, the admission officers might also conduct the first screening.

After selection of some of the applications then in order to be doubly sure during the second read, the selected applications are re- read, to draw a better picture of you.

During your interview, your interviewer will judge the overall aspect, by asking you a variety of questions. The interview is generally a conversation between the admission authorities, and the candidate. It validates the authenticity of a candidate. So, we recommend you to be as honest as possible.

After your interview, a final read is conducted by the full-time admission staffs, to determine the final result taking into account all the aspects of your MBA application, letter of recommendation, essay, your performance at the interview etc. Then they will decide, whether you are admitted, rejected or put on hold. We recommend not to lose hope and have patience, in case you are on the waiting list.

Who Makes the Final Decision?

final decision

Every Student’s has these three questions in his /her mind?

  • Who is the one that matters in the end?
  • Who makes the final call on admissions?
  • Who finalizes the selection or rejection of a candidate?

Collmission Answer - The answer to these three questions are same - It is the admission staffs, who are the primary readers, make the all-important decisions.

Another Important Query

What do they keep in mind, or on what parameters they select the candidates?

To understand this, you need to understand a simple yet important line

The admission decisions are directly related to the goal of the admission authorities”.

So what does it mean actually?

The admission committees want specific kind of applicants to fill their classes. Depending upon the program, institution, number of applicants etc certain criteria are set so that they get a cosmopolitan batch with varied backgrounds yet similar in some sense.

Points to Remember

There are certain things that you need to do in order to improve your chances of going through the application process.

Remember, you are selling yourself, as you have to prove the admission authorities that you are better than the pool of other applicants. So, you need to learn the ways through which you can market yourself.

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