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Win Over the MBA Admissions Officers- Know How You Can Project Yourself as a Qualified Candidate

With competition booming like hell in the MBA admissions scene, the challenge before every aspirant is to not only secure good grades at the school and high school level, but also to project themselves superior over other candidates possessing similar grades across various nationalities.

With these statistics spreading all over, we get a lot of queries asking us, ‘With so much competition for MBA admissions, how does an applicant prove his/her superiority over other candidates?

Broadly speaking, there are four factors which shall separate you from the rest of the crowd.

1.Research on the MBA Schools and MBA Admissions-

MBA Schools

A lot of students think that if they manage to receive a call for interview from Harvard or Columbia, they have nailed it. You need to understand that during the interview the admissions committee is going to drill you on how your choice of programs is going to help you in the long run and why do you think you would a be a perfect fit in for the program. The moment you are caught faking it, the next thing you will know is the way to walk out of the college, kissing that college’s dream good bye.

2.Your Application Essay Says it all.

B-school Essay

Now you got good grades, that is good.

You got first rank and were the topper of your school. That is better.

And there are more than 98,817 public schools in USA alone as per National Centre for Education Statistics. Which means you have at least 98,817 toppers of class competing with you. That’s where it turns worst.

So, what makes the difference?

A strong essay puts the limelight on you and can help you earn maiden call. If your essay is messed up, your chances of getting a call are next to none.

If needed, get help from professional consultants for essay. It is better to be safe than sorry. Right?

Understand the aspects of different b-school application essay here.

3. Use Your Letter of Recommendation to Spread Your Fragrance of Superiority.

Letter of recommendation

In today’s market, every product is purchased by the customers only after reading the reviews online or offline. So, it is pertinent that any top B-School will need a second quality assurance that the product (you) is of superior quality and can be relied upon.

Again, you cannot rely upon just any Letter of Recommendation. You must have a well-crafted Letter of Recommendation written from a reliable personality. A lot of things go into a good LOR. Learn about them, here.

4. Your Resume Highlights Your Journey:

B-school Resume

Your MBA admissions interview and the admission authorities are going to rely big time on your resume to decide on your admissions. Thus, you need to research a lot to come up with a resume that sways the admission officers. You can get some help here.

Hope this helps.

Just a word of caution- Remember that you are good but you are not the only one.


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