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10 Reasons – Why do Students need an Admission Consultant?

The majority sought assistance with their essays, resume evaluation and interview preparation. But it is important to recognize some of the pros and cons of working with an MBA admissions consultant, as it might not be the right move for everyone.

In today’s highly competitive world it is of prime importance that one should get professional help to stay ahead of the pack. Professional admission consultants are immensely significant in this regard as they know lot of strategies which helps students in maximising their chances so that they do not lose out.

Our point is – If you do not take professional help, there is a high chance that your competitors are doing so to gain advantage over you.

Read on to know how professional admission consultants can help you outshine others.

1.The Insider’s Edge

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It is always good to have some body who knows what it takes to get into the elite B-Schools.A second professional opinion always helps They know the ways through which you can brighten your chances of earning an interview call. Our point is , if help is available , why not take it. Getting a bit of advice from friend or two provides very limited and probably obsolete information.

2. Short on time

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Almost every body has lot of multiple roles to play in our daily lives. Therefore it is only a matter of time , when students should seek professional help to manage the entire admission schedule.

3. First Timers need it, Second timers need it even more

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Now, if you are applying for the first time , an admission consultant helps you in getting your dream college, making your life easy in the process. They help you save time on online research.Admission consultants become even more significant , specially when students are applying for second or third time as you do not want to commit the same mistake again.

4. If your weakness column is heavier

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If you feel that there are a lot of areas where you are weak and need professional help , then without wasting any time  you should consult an admission consultant to iron out the flaws. Better to act before it is too late.

5. Even great players need coaches

We have handled several students in the past who were brilliant in academics , had an excellent GPA,a high GMAT score .However they got rejected because the other important parts of the application forms were not covered properly and after they came to us We worked on those areas with them and they got into Top 15 colleges. So professional advice always helps.

6. Extensive research about schools

FAFSA Application It can consume lot of time and effort. You might have zeroed in a good school but it may happen that your particular choice of subject is being taught better in some other good school.Let a professional help you in getting it right for you. You need to cross the line with in a stipulated time and time flies too soon.

7.Professional approach

personality development mba Professional consultants have good amount of experience behind them , so you can seek advice for maximisation of your chances. Take advantage of free assessment tests , whenever you get it.

8.Training for VISA Interview

personal interview tips for college students All of us are aware how difficult it is to clear the VISA interview. And specially with norms being more stricter it is always advisable to have some training under your belt before the show down.A must for those who have never faced any VISa interview in their lives or have been repeatedly rejected.

9.Admission consultants are a good alternative to Admission Officers

selecting recommender for MBA admission During the entire process , you will have lot of questions but you can not expect the admission officer to answer all of them. Admission consultants know a great deal about schools and since they charge you some money, therefore they will be more than ready to solve any of your queries and you know help is nearby , whenever you need.

10. Post Sales Service

interacting with B-schools Some of the admission consultants like COLLMISSION even offer after admission services like helping you with accommodation, timely free advice, different Dos and Don’ts checklists etc. It is a great value addition specially for those who are first timers in the US academic world.

Points to be considered before hiring an admission consultant

  • You Should be committed for the entire admission process. Else it would be a sheer waste of time and resources.
  • Dependency – Consultants will definitely come to your rescue but it is you, who has to give your time to them. Just paying the consultancy fees will not guarantee you success if you do not make yourself available.
  • Cost is also an important factor as some times all that glitters is not gold. Just because some consultants are charging more does not mean that they can help you in getting your dream college.
  • Remember to cross check how many students they usually handle at a certain point of time. Too much number of students can result in reduction of personalized attention given to you.
  • You need to talk personally to the team before deciding so as to get an idea about how they are going to take up your story.



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