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Ten Reasons Why to Do an MBA

Intellectual  Potency

intellectual potency

An MBA program enlightens on different aspects of life, focussing mainly on the  business world. A lot of people remain clueless on  why certain decisions are made in the corporate world , but an MBA graduate understands this puzzle because of his/her exposure towards business – both outside and inside the classroom. It is not just a program, it is an experience. You need to live it in order to experience it.

Personality Development

personality development

After a person goes through an MBA program he/she becomes a completely changed person – personality wise. Increase in confidence, street smartness, leadership, team work and being an all rounder are some of the key qualities which one shall develop during the MBA program which shall take you towards new heights and frontiers. You become a new version of yourself with advanced features.

Communication Development

communication development

A large portion of success in life and corporate world depends upon your ability to communicate effectively. In MBA, you are taught how to speak , importance of kinesics, presentations, group discussions and what not. It is a life time value addition for any one who pursues an MBA program. A totally life changing experience and one of the prime reasons why you must do an MBA.

Better Career Opportunities

career opportunities

An MBA program provides opportunities in several core areas covered within an MBA program, including Marketing ,Human Resource, Supply Chain, Technology and Information Systems, Economics, Finance etc. This mix helps an MBA to work in a multi cultural set up in big companies while opening better career prospects for themselves and expand their horizons.

High Salary Prospects

high salary prospects

A little research into salaries paid out to an MBA versus salaries of those with other degrees you can see a significant difference. In comparison to other employees with different academic back grounds and experience an MBA graduate is usually compensated better in terms of salaries other perks. The  average salaries range around $ 100,000 from top B-Schools specially from US. Money is a pretty good motivator. Right ?

Managing People

managing people

In MBA you shall the most important art of managing people which is important in any field of life. You shall be taught to manage small and big teams and how to handle pressure situations and get the best out of your team. If you can manage teams well , half of the job is done in any sphere of life and therefore if you are looking forward to enhance your mana management skills then MBA should be on the top of your to-do list.

Start Your Own Business

B-school startup

MBA gives a golden opportunity for lot of people who want to start their own business but do not know how and where to start. An MBA program gives you insights on entrepreneurship and business management which shall help you in setting up your business. If you want top be your own boss, MBA is the right way to get started.

Learn from Other’s Mistakes

learn from mistake

MBA helps in learning from other’s mistakes in form of case studies which are an important part in any top B-School curriculum. In the next two years you learn about why a particular product was successful or unsuccessful . You also learn from experiences of Guest lecturers , some of who turn out to be top bosses from fortune 500 companies. It is process of learning like no other where you get involved in real life examples and problems from the Day 1.

Finding yourself a Great Mentor for life

great mentor

There is a high possibility that in B-School you may find out a person who would give you that much needed boost to up your performances and guide you as you take the first steps after completion of your MBA. It is a very wonderful opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business while working with them in some of the projects they may be associated with. It makes your professional goals more achievable in life.

Be a student all over again

Graduate Student

The day we finished our graduation and went for jobs we longed for those days when we were students. MBA gives you that life back and you get to live those moments again. It gives you an opportunity to enter the classroom to – Learn, Unlearn, and then Relearn so that you  go ahead with your life in a better manner. It is a very wise investment that you should definitely make if you really want to know – Who are you and What can you achieve ? Good Luck for your MBA.


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