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Do You Need a Graduate School ?

A ‘grad school’ is the opportunity for students who wish to pursue higher education, after their under-graduate program. Graduate schools have always been synonymous with more focussed and subject-oriented studies that encourage more research and is more experiential in character.Also, it is very different from the under-graduate level in that the students have already identified their interests, and have acknowledged the path they are willing to tread upon. Specific skills are given more importance, and both the students and the supervisors need to work as a team. This is an investment of money, time and work.The graduate degrees are available in primarily three segments: Masters, Doctorate and Specialist.The Doctorate level is the highest degree, and the length of the degree will depend on the level you desire and the program requirements. A considerable amount of time has to be spent on the research (originality), and hence the length will vary accordingly.The Master’s degree is available in many fields, and it may be used as a base for pursuing doctorate. The degree usually takes two-years for completion.The Specialist degree can be earned, along with the Master’s degree, after specialized internships and other courses. It prepares the aspirants for professional certification, which may be helpful in the future if the students are planning for a doctorate degree. The time that the specialist degree will take is 5-7 years.A Master’s degree in hand more often than not will dictate if you offer the job or are left out. Sometimes what drives people is not the lure of money that a degree from the Ivy-league schools will get you, but just the love of learning and getting immersed in extensive research work; which in the end is the primary fulcrum around which graduation revolves.

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