Collmission Q&ACategory: UNDERGRADUATE STUDIESHow do we write good undergraduate admissions essays?
sanjay asked 1 year ago

How do we write good undergraduate admissions essays?

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Collmissoncollmisson Staff answered 1 year ago

It is widely accepted that writing essays can be challenging. The admission officers go through thousands of profiles, and read, thousands of essays.
You need to understand that this is an essay and not a long question that you need to answer. There is lot of difference in them.
Try to understand the topic well and what is being asked to you. If you succeed in understanding the topic correctly, there is every chance that you will write a very good essay
It is obvious that, most essays will have a great deal of similarity. So, you must strive hard, to make your essays sound different, and more compelling.
Just to give you a hint lets us imagine that the topic is related to a challenge thrown at you and how you responded to that.
In the first paragraph
You should give a convincing introduction to the challenges faced by the team.
In the second paragraph
You can mention, the preventive actions taken by you.
In the third paragraph
You can talk about the motivational actions taken to resolve these problems.
In the fourth paragraph
You can talk about the results- whether they were fruitful or they backfired.
In the fifth paragraph
You can mention the “takeaways”, or the outcome of your efforts.
An essay which is narrated with the help of real life examples, adds authenticity to your application, and plays a big role in differentiating your profile from other applicants.
TIP – It is more about how you write rather than what you write?

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